JEK Design is a digital production company specializing in still imagery both in 2D illustrations, 3D, compositing and photo work. JEK Design has been on the market since 1999 and from 2011 in a new collaboration with Oaklands 3D.


JEK Design part of Oaklands 3D is the Game graphic and 3D visualization part of the company. Within our skilled and talented team we have international experience from Game Graphic productions including photoreal texturing, product visualization, Visualization of garden planning, architectural visualization and digital effects.


Quality will always be our guiding star in providing creative, emotional and visual experiences. We love new challenges in producing innovative 3D imagery and constantly keep our toolbox up to date. Please contact us to discuss how we can help bringing your projects to life!


All projects have different conditions and require different solutions

Call us on +46 732 094693 or use the form on the page contact, and together we can plan something that suits your needs.


If you do not have any projects for us at the moment but want to know more about JEK Design and how we work, you are of course welcome to give us a call as well.