Game graphic services


We can help you with Game graphic services whether it is a question of characters, animals, static objects or environmental modeling and texturing. We make photo-realistic images texturing for 3D objects and characters with 2048x2048 resolution, digital duplicates of objects, animals and people.


We can either start with your proposed design, or we can design for you if you need help with ideas.


We make high poly models and low poly ones with optimal manual generated unfold UV mapping if needed. And to that; associated diffuse map, normal map, displacement map, bump map, hight map, specular map, transparency map, luminance map, reflection map, depending on your needs.




Our software


In our software for 3D-related projects, you will find the latest software on the market.

We use in particular /

Cinema 4D with BodyPaint 3D for texturing:
Autodesk 3ds max and Autodesk Mudbox:

Unfold 3D:

Vue 10 xStream for landscape:
Adobe CS5:
For rendering, V-Ray for Cinema 4D.