Photo services


We do classic photography mission such as product photography, advertising and posters, environmental photography, but also aerial photography. For 3D-related material we also do shooting for 3D textures, compositing images for backgrounds for visual digitization, etc. Do you have a special request please ask us and we can certainly arrange that. Our equipment for This consists of equipment from Nikon.

Adobe CS5:



Webdesign services


We make your website from one of our basic templates or completely individual
if you prefer. Get a guaranteed unique design for your company, club, association, etc. We also arrange Consultation with the purchase of domain names, web hosting,

e-commerce, CMD-online related management of your website.


Would you like to have a selling website that is created and targeted towards generating new client relationships?

The solutions are called Sitoo Web, Newsletter Studio and Sitoo Webshop. Many applications are available for this, such as; Live Edit, guestbook, visitor-counter, Private Zone etc.


JEK Design are a retailer and creative partner of Sitoo and their solution.